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The Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan Peters aims to build a community of parents who are inspired to raise healthy, confident, and self-aware children who are engaged in life and contribute positively to the world.

Dec 19, 2019

Dr. Dan welcomes entrepreneur Brad Barrett to the podcast today to talk about kids and financial independence. Brad Barrett is the founder of the company and host of the podcast ChooseFI.  His journey will inspire and motivate listeners to take charge of their savings, their future retirement and their dream life today.  His financial teachings start with intention and awareness and values and will help parents show their children how to live a happy and independent life. is a personal finance podcast and community that helps people accelerate their path to financial independence.  Brad Barrett went from being a full-time CPA to retiring with complete financial independence by the age of 35 through diligent savings and investing. Now, as co-host and co-founder of ChooseFI (a Top 50 Business Podcast on iTunes) he’s empowering others in their own pursuit of the financially independent lifestyle.

Brad’s awareness and commitment to living a life with options starts with money.  Whether you have mountains of debt or are recently debt-free and wondering what to do next, Brad’s advice during today’s interview is a blueprint to financial independence.

Dr. Dan and Brad explore many topics listeners will find useful including:

  • Talk about money with your children in an honest and open manner (that is age appropriate)
  • Start explaining the concept of  Financial Independence early by teaching kids how to save their money and how to build a “savings habit” (Brad says he accomplishes this by giving his children an allowance)
  • Why Brad encourages his children to aim for a 50% savings rate 
  • Teach kids basic facts about the stock market and investing and compounding
  • Expose children to the concept of experiences vs. stuff 
  • As parents we can choose to live by example and demonstrate to our children how living with intention is life changing – From eating well to being in the moment with your family to experiencing genuine conversation, everything we do should be intentional (including financial independence)

Brad’s personal philosophy (and his honest Parent Footprint moment) will change how listeners think about living a good life, money, family, self-improvement, and ultimately success.

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