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The Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan Peters aims to build a community of parents who are inspired to raise healthy, confident, and self-aware children who are engaged in life and contribute positively to the world.

Dec 31, 2020

Dr. Dan welcomes back authors Carol Zeavin and Rhona Silverbush to discuss three new books in their popular Terrific Toddler series:  Potty!, New Baby!, Time to Go!  as well as their ongoing work with parents and families.


Dr. Dan is delighted to speak to experts Carol and Rhona again (they first appeared as guests on Episode 56) to give parents, educators and caregivers even more ways to help toddlers overcome their daily dramas and challenges.  Published by the American Psychological Association/Magination Press, the entire series will help families struggling with parenting during the toddler years.


The lively and engaging co-authors explain to Dr. Dan and parents how they used groundbreaking research to craft age-appropriate stories that take into account the language level and comprehension level of a toddler.  Dr. Dan agrees these books will empower parents because they all include a “Note to Parents and Caregivers” that provides parents with important guidelines for navigating challenges and helping their toddlers understand their toddler world.


Carol Zeavin earned her B.A. in music from UCLA and became a successful freelance orchestral violinist and chamber musician in New York City. She earned Masters degrees in Education and Special Education from Bank Street College and worked with infants and toddlers from 1992 to 2010. She was Headteacher at Rockefeller University’s Child and Family Center and Barnard’s Toddler Development Center, and worked as a Special Educator employed by Y.A.I. and Theracare. She continues to perform classical music in NYC and teaches violin and piano to kids and grownups of all ages and abilities.

Rhona Silverbush puts her own eclectic background to good use by wearing many hats throughout the course of any given day. She studied psychology and theatre at Brandeis University and holds a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. After practicing immigration law, primarily representing asylum seekers, she returned to her first loves, writing and theatre. Rhona is the co-author of Speak the Speech! Shakespeare’s Monologues Illuminated (Faber and Faber, 2002) and has taught theatre to all age groups from tots to adults, currently coaching actors in Shakespeare. She has taught at Columbia University Teachers College and wrote ‘wichcraft: craft a sandwich into a meal–and a meal into a sandwich with chefs Tom Colicchio and Sisha Ortuzar (Clarkson Potter, 2009). She is also a freelance writer and editor, a consultant for families of children and teens with learning differences and special needs, a tutor, and a smitten parent and step-parent.


The three new books explain and explore these common topics:

Time to Go! -- how to teach toddlers about having to stop what they're doing and transition to another activity

Potty! -- reassures toddlers and parents alike that we all use the potty when we're ready

New Baby! -- helps toddlers expecting a new sibling navigate this very major transition in their lives


The show ends with each author answering the Parent Footprint Moment question and Dr. Dan’s invitation for the guests to return when they next publish new titles in the series.


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