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The Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan Peters aims to build a community of parents who are inspired to raise healthy, confident, and self-aware children who are engaged in life and contribute positively to the world.

Mar 28, 2019

Dr. Dan is very excited to welcome Laura Carlin to the Parent Footprint podcast today. Laura is the author of the new book CLUTTER-FREE PARENTING: MAKING SPACE IN YOUR HOME FOR THE MAGIC OF CHILDHOOD AND THE JOY OF PARENTHOOD and she inspired parents and families everywhere.

Laura Carlin talks to Dr. Dan about the...

Mar 22, 2019

Dr. Dan welcomes author Natalie Silverstein to episode #57. Beyond the homework, screen-time, and endless activities, there are bigger challenges for modern parents: figuring out how to raise compassionate, generous, civic-minded children. In her new book SIMPLE ACTS: THE BUSY FAMILY’S GUIDE TO GIVING BACK , Natalie...